Barnes & Noble Has My HEART!

A few days ago I realized that it had been a couple of days since I’d checked my mailbox. After bringing everything in and sorting through it, I came across an envelope from Barnes and Noble with the words “CONGRATULATIONS!” typed on the outside. Now, me being me, thought that this was probably junk mail and possibly some type of pre-approval for another credit card. ¬†Because I already have a Barnes and Noble MasterCard, I almost dismissed this entirely. However, for some reason or another, I decided to open it. Thank goodness for that because inside I found… a $25 gift card! To any book buyer/lover out there, you know that this is a Godsend!


Little did I know that by using my Barnes and Noble MasterCard, I had accrued enough points (how many, I couldn’t tell you) that made me eligible to receive this gift card. And the letter went on to tell me that I will receive a $25 gift card EVERY SINGLE TIME I reach a certain amount of points.


This, my friends, should be enough incentive to not only try to qualify for one of these cards, but to use it as much as possible (whilst paying it off, of course!) because $25 to Barnes and Noble is basically… well, heaven.


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